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Boosty Mini Bonded Broadband Router

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Brand: Boosty
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Boosty Mini Bonded Broadband Router

The Boosty Mini Bonded Broadband Router works out of the box to combine your home ADSL Broadband connection with your smartphone’s mobile 3G/4G connection, offering you faster speeds and better reliability. Simply plug this Boosty into your home router, install the BoostyLink app on your mobile phone, and connect to the Boosty to begin sharing bandwidth.

Boosty Mini Key Features

  • Combine your home ADSL and 3G/4G mobile data speeds
  • In most households Boosty works straight out of the box
  • Connect multiple mobile devices to add additional resilience
  • Web interface allows you to see how your home network is performing
  • Monitor and control your mobile data use with the BoostyLink

Stable and Secure Connection
The Boosty Mini router tries to find the best stable speed that your mobile connection can achieve and adds that to the existing speed of your home Broadband connection to boost your home Broadband by up to 3 times. When combined, Boosty can deliver up to 16Mbps, depending upon both connection speeds.

BoostyLink App
The BoostLink app allows you to control how much mobile data Boosty can use each month. Most people pay for far more than they use, so Boosty puts it to good use - particularly in households with multiple smartphones. You can leave BoostyLink to kick in extra capacity automatically, or you can control exactly when you need that extra speed burst - you decide.

Efficient Mobile Data Usage
Boosty tries to keep all traffic on your home Broadband connection wherever possible and only 'top it up' when absolutely necessary. Only when your home Broadband connection is full for a short while does Boosty open up a little bit of your mobile connection, and increasingly does so until it gives you the speed you need.

Boosty balances giving you faster speeds whilst keeping mobile traffic to a minimum, and may take a number of seconds to fully combine both lines. Boosty's Turbo feature, when activated, will bring in your mobile connection much quicker. This is ideal when you need the extra capacity near instantly, useful for speed testers and when you're in a rush.

Experience Excellent Results
To receive a good Boosty experience you will need the following:

  • A router with at least one free Ethernet (LAN) port
  • One free USB port on your business router OR a free power socket
  • Maximum 72Mbps Broadband speeds
  • A 3G or 4G smartphone running BoostyLink app
  • Ensure your mobile plan has enough data allowance
  • Good 3G or 4G mobile signal (at least 2 or 3 bars)

Please Note: After 12 months you will need to renew your Boosty service.


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