Customer Case Studies

4Gon Solutions have provided WiFi Solutions to thousands of organisations across a diverse number of industries through the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. See how 4Gon customers benefited from purchasing their products from 4Gon with both high Quality pre sales and after sales technical support.

JeviŠovice, Czech Republic Cambium ePMP in a rural community- Cambium Case Study

Jevišovice Case Study

The rural community of Jevišovice in the Czech Republic needed to provide Internet connectivity to their 1,200 citizens in a matter of weeks. Cambium ePMP 1000 units were selected as the solution.

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Cadmus Distribution NanoBridge Point-to-Point Link - Ubiquiti Case Study

Cadmus Distribution Case Study

A new data link was required to connect the two office sites of Cadmus Distribution, used by employees of VoIPon and 4Gon. With over two decades of experience in the aerial installation industry, Chris Glover was employed to fit the equipment.

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DIY SOS in Aid of Children in Need for Little Miracles - Ubiquiti Case Study

Little Miracles Wireless Network

4Gon Solutions donated a Ubiquiti UniFi PRO Access Point 3 Pack to 'The Little Miracles' Project as part of BBC's charity 'Children in Need' featured in the BBC One special programme 'DIY SOS: The Big Build with Children in Need'

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Cybermoor - Ubiquiti Case Study

Cybermoor Wireless Network

Cybermoor, a community owned co-operative for the residents of Alston Moor, Cumbria purchased products from 4Gon Solutions to help build a new network across a rural community.

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D-artagnan - Ubiquiti Case Study

D-Artagnan Wireless Network

A Belgian advertising company based in Bruges, D-artagnan purchased Ubiquiti products from 4Gon Solutions for an office of theirs in Budapest, Hungary, to replace an existing network they had installed.

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Newnham College - Ubiquiti Case Study

Newnham College

Newnham College in Cambridge enrolls over 400 students. The college purchased a large quantity of Ubiquiti products from 4Gon Solutions to improve wireless performance throughout the buildings and grounds.

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RUT500 for Wireless Network - Teltonika Case Study

RUT500 for wireless network

Scott Muller required a reliable internet connection to provide web access to his home based office where he works for the NHS. Scott decided to install the Teltonika RUT500 HSPA+ 3G router.

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Prosperous National Primary - Ubiquiti Case Study

Prosperous National Primary

Prosperous National is a Primary School enrolling over 500 pupils based in the Republic of Ireland. The Prosperous Primary School required a wireless solution using the Ubiquiti Unifi Pro's.

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Woodsetton School - Ubiquiti Case Study

Woodsetton School

Woodsetton School a primary school based in the United Kingdom purchased a number of Ubiquiti Unifi Pro's from 4Gon Solutions to set up a wireless network for both pupils and staff.

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