Customer Case Studies - Jevišovice, Czech Republic

Jevisovice Heading

The rural community of Jevišovice in the Czech Republic needed to provide Internet connectivity to their 1,200 citizens in a matter of weeks.


Jevišovice is a small town with a population of 1,200 whose residents needed broadband connectivity to connect their businesses and residential locations to the world. Two small wireless ISPs had been offering service to the community, but as new subscribers were added to share the network, all others were slowed down. Over time, a growing number of customers were not satisfied with the speed and throughput of their connections.

The Challenge

Cambium Case Study



An opportunity was seen to provide high speed Internet access and offer VoIP and video services.

In discussions with Jevišovice city officials, it was found that a reliable service in the already crowded spectrum had to be provided and there were two weeks to install the Access Points (AP) and Subscriber Modules (SM).


The Solution

The solution took the form of an ePMP 1000 Wireless Access Network to connect the first round of customers. Three APs were deployed in the church tower, which is the highest location in the town. With the other ISPs also using the same tower location, the APs were co-located with 8 other APs. Frequency management was tight, and there was a high level of RF noise from the other networks. GPS Synchronization in the ePMP system enabled it to perform well by: - Reducing self-interference - Enabling frequency re-use as the network expands - Maximizing efficient use of the available spectrum

The ePMP Wireless Access Network is composed of three APs equipped with 120° antennas to provide 360° coverage from the tower.

  • Frequency: 5 GHz unlicensed spectrum
  • Maximum achievable throughput: 200+ Mbps per AP

The first 25 SMs were deployed in a matter of days. Subscribers were provisioned for Internet access, and some were provisioned for VoIP and streaming video services per their service agreement. Each customer is provisioned for:

  • 20 Mbps download
  • 20 Mbps upload

Why Cambium Networks?

  • High Throughput - for consistently reliable 20 Mbps symmetrical data transfer, voice, and streaming video
  • Synchronization - to provide reliable service in a noisy RF spectrum
  • Scalability - to enable frequency re-use and add customers without loading down the network
  • Proven Reliability - to minimize downtime and maintenance labor costs while maximizing customer satisfaction

The Results

The network performs as expected. Users are satisfied with the service they are receiving. They are finding that it is more reliable, better in quality with higher transmission speeds, and also at a lower cost. Other solutions were looked at, some with a lower equipment cost, but the ePMP solution from Cambium has the advantage of synchronized transmitting for frequency reuse and proven radio robustness.

From experience, the equipment from other low-cost wireless manufacturers that the other service providers are using lacks robustness in noisy areas, and customers are not satisfied. We have great performance with well above 20 subscribers served by an AP. The customers are getting the most out of the equipment and are very satisfied. Based on demand, they have already added hundreds of subscribers in the area. This network will continue to grow by word of mouth.