Warehousing and Logistics

Wireless networking and security solutions for industrial units, warehouses and logistical operations.

Warehouses are dynamic, fast paced, operational environments that rely on the internet to function efficiently.

4Gon offers affordable, yet innovative WiFi connectivity and security solutions to ensure that warehouses and logistical enterprises stay connected throughout the supply chain.

Affordable Enterprise WiFi Solutions

There are many factors to consider when choosing wireless networking and security solutions for warehousing or logistics. Some sites can be large and sparse, whilst others are very compact spaces, prone to interference. Some are on the edge of cities or near motorways, whilst others are in remote, rural locations.

Most warehouses contain aisles of racks. Sometimes mobile racking is used, which can affect internet connectivity.

Whatever the scenario, staff need to be able to process information and communicate with colleagues and customers throughout the supply chain wherever they are in the world.

Challenges you may face

  • WiFi signal failure
  • Interference
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Back-up coverage and power

4Gon Solutions can provide wireless networking, IP surveillance and failover solutions from brands such as Ubiquiti, Teltonika, Peplink, Robustel and HikVision.

Ubiquiti Outdoor Wireless Solutions

Building to Building Wireless Links

Many logistical enterprises are in sparse warehouse units or spread across multiple sites or buildings. 4Gon Solutions offers numerous Point-to-Point (PtP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) solutions, for warehousing and logistics, connecting wireless data “links” between buildings to enable the easy expansion of networks.

We have solutions for…

  • Long range internet coverage 
  • Interference prone zones
  • Dead spots with no WiFi coverage
  • Linking two buildings via Point-to-Point wireless data links
  • IP security surveillance
  • Backup internet coverage with LTE/4G routers and failover solutions

How can we help?…

  • Recommend the best products for your budget at the best prices
  • Offer reseller and trade discounts
  • Offer credit and finance options
  • Generate a ‘heat map’ from your site plans, recommending where to place access points and the coverage needed
  • Offer technical training, guides and courses for your IT team or installers
  • Connect you with our approved installers if you need help with your installations

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