Wireless networking and security solutions for the retail industry.

The retailer relies heavily on the internet to nurture customer experience both face-to-face and online. From Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) to customer location-based analytics, inventory tracking, social media login and push marketing, effective WiFi not only enhances a customer’s experience when in-store; it can also be a valuable way to increase ongoing customer engagement, business efficiency and revenue. 

  From small, privately owned boutiques to corporate franchises, 4Gon offers innovative, scalable and secure connectivity solutions for networks of any size and budget, serving the needs of the customer and retailer.

Fast, Reliable, Secure WiFi

Staying connected and secure is critical to any retail business. Retailers rely on wireless networks to provide up-to-date and accurate information on stock and logistics; to communicate with head office, management and operations; and to give customers a personalised online experience. Whether this is through online shopping or guest WiFi in store, reliable internet is essential for customer satisfaction and secure, accurate monitoring of customer journeys and preferences.

Customers expect a fast, uninterrupted WiFi experience as part of the customer journey, so a poor online experience can lead to lost customers and bad online reviews.

Retail Industry WiFi Solutions

Common challenges in retail environments

  • Serving the needs of the connected shopper
  • In-Store and online security
  • Lost connection at temporary locations such as market stalls
  • Analytics

Secure Customer and Corporate Data

Customer loyalty, brand and reputation can also be damaged by a breach in network security. Retail based WiFi deployments should therefore provide the highest level of security that separates guest traffic from sensitive corporate data and offers customers and staff secure, frictionless login authentication options.

Satisfying the Connected Shopper

The rise of technology in retail requires a robust, high-capacity, secure wireless network solution to withstand the expectations of the connected shopper. Retail outlets need WiFi deployments that offer powerful, uninterrupted coverage, higher throughput, failsafe security, and easy login for the ultimate modern customer experience. 

Building to Building Wireless Links

Many retailers need reliable, long range WiFi that can connect between multiple sites; as well as outdoors and withstand interference, particularly in the case of market stalls and temporary, pop-up shops and venues.  4Gon Solutions offers numerous Point-to-Point (PtP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) solutions for these scenarios. PtP and PtMP are methods of connecting wireless data “links”, enabling the easy expansion of networks.

Secure Premises with IP CCTV

IP CCTV cameras play a key role in keeping retail premises, staff and customers safe and secure. Today’s IP CCTV systems come in numerous shapes and sizes for day and night surveillance in indoor and outdoor environments. With most solutions, footage can be viewed remotely, anytime, anywhere.

4Gon can provide IP surveillance solutions from Ubiquiti UniFi Protect to any business or end-user, and from HIkVision to 4Gon resellers.



Our Solutions

4Gon offers cost-effective wireless solutions for the retail sector from brands such as Ubiquiti which offers secure and advanced wireless networking.

  • Scalable, uninterrupted wireless networks
  • Guest WiFi
  • EPOS (Electronic point of sale)
  • WiFi analytics
  • Intrusion prevention 
  • IPS & WIDS
  • PCI compliance
  • SSID
  • Frictionless login authentication
  • Back-up internet for lost connection at market stalls and other temporary locations via LTE/4G routing technology

How can we help?

  • Recommend the best products for your budget at the best price
  • Offer reseller and trade discounts
  • Offer credit and finance options
  • Generate a ‘heat map’ from your site plans, recommending where to place access points and the coverage needed
  • Offer technical training, guides and advanced courses for your IT team or installers 
  • Offer support packs to keep staff and customers satisfied with reliable, on demand services
  • Connect you with approved installers if you need help with your installations.

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