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MikroTik Point-to-Point

Our dedicated WiFi point-to-point links (PtP) are a simple and cost-effective way to extend your network from one location to another. A WiFi point-to-point link will create a completely transparent link between your two chosen points by presenting an Ethernet port at each end.

For more information on Wireless PTP Solutions, we have written a comprehensive buying guide to help you through the process.

Click here to view the PTP Buying Guide.

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 MikroTik Wireless Wire nRAY 60ghz Link (nRAYG-60adpair) 

MikroTik Wireless Wire nRAY 60ghz Link (nRAYG-60adpair)

SKU: nRAYG-60adpair
  • 1500m range or more
  • Secure AES encrypted
  • 60 GHz connection
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