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Public venues

Turn your Wi-Fi UP

UCOPIA allows the audience to share the moment. Hosting tens of thousands of users with different profiles and devices, performance and experience is guaranteed.

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Pubilc Venues / Stadiums Wi-Fi Solutions

Venues can provide high quality information services to deliver an outstanding digital environment to enhance customers loyalty and send targeted advertising to increase sales.

Enterprise Needs:

  • Connect easily the visitors through a customised portal
  • Welcome back returning visitors
  • Enable visitors to easily share images and videos on social media
  • Enable online gaming and betting
  • Collect data on visitors behaviors and journeys within the venue
  • Promote local business and offer
  • Push messages to the visitors’ devices in real-time
  • Provide a rich media experience
  • Store connection data for legal compliancy

UCOPIA Provide:

  • On-board tens of thousands of users within a few minutes based on pre-defined profiles (visitor, exhibitor, staff…)
  • Personalised digital environment for each event
  • Automatic recognition
  • Manage bandwidth usage
  • Work with any client device
  • Connect with one-click & Social WiFi
  • Collect valuable customer data & store securely in a database
  • Aggregate with other data sources and analyse
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns
  • Push messages in real time
  • Ensure compliancy with the law

Other Sectors

"The UCOPIA solution is good value for money, which is an important factor for a school. By far my favourite benefit is that I really don’t have to do anything. It just works. It’s freed up a lot of my time, which I can now spend on more important tasks. The customer support is great. It’s really refreshing to be able to get hold of someone straight away, who understands exactly how my network is set up and can help me immediately."

Paul Grewcock, IT Director at Ratcliffe College, Leicester, UK