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5G Routers

Discover our 5G Router Range from leading brands such as Teltonika, Netgear, Peplink and more.

5G is the latest and fastest global wireless standard, following on from 4G. The speeds delivered by 5G will surpass those by traditional home broadband in many areas, offering:

  • - Ultra-low latency
  • - Higher reliability
  • - Increased network capacity

The 5G sim router uses this latest technology to provide businesses, homes, events and remote locations with super-fast speeds for many users and devices at a time. As 5G technology continues to roll out across the UK and the world, more routers and SIM card options will become available. We are delighted to offer a growing portfolio of 5G routers from quality brands including Peplink, Netgear, Cradlepoint and more.

You can find out more about 5G and why you should consider investing in the technology on our blog; 5G The Past, The Present & The Future.