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Ubiquiti EdgeMAX EdgeRouter X (ER-X) Review

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Review by David Channon Date Added: Wednesday 03 February, 2021
Once installed this has absolutely done the job. The old mitorpurpose hub from MY ISP would give me an IP address quickly enough but internet access took ages to arrive after each reboot. Once I got internet access it was fine, but a quick check for email, was no longer possible upon start-up on any PCs (Big Sur, Windows 10 or Linux) even if one of 26 other devices on my network were accessing the internet fine. This login issue meant that my family had started using their phone SIM card rather than home MESH WiFi when they got home -crazy. This router fixed all that.

I'd read it should only be bought by those with IT awareness. In truth whilst complex (ish), the basic Wizard automatically autoran and was no problem to configure. This was not on any of the otherwise very helpful Youtube installation videos I'd seen in advance where you had an extra requirement to choose the right wizard from a menu. Basic was fine. I've tinkered post setup. The only challenge was to pre set an IP address on a PC, connect to the correct port and access via the routers own IP to enable DHCP thereafter.

I paid an extra �3 for UK power adapter, again following reviews elsewhere, but a UK one and an EU one came with it, so I now have a spare power adapter for the UK.

Wish I'd done this ages ago. I Updated firmware to a more recent version 1 release than came with the box, but did not try v2 due to the reviews I'd read about speed. 4Gon very helpful on phone.

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