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Ideal for small and medium-sized companies

The UCOPIA WI-UP Network Access Management Service offers a plug & play solution that is easy to install and allows Wi-Fi or wired access to be managed from the Cloud.

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Do you have a Wi-Fi network you want to improve?
Plug & play guest Wi-Fi solutions
Business and organisations now more than ever are offering Wi-Fi to their customers or visitors. Ensuring that your Wi-Fi Solution can easily manage, connect, engage and meet your legal obligations which takes into account the storage of legal data sounds like a challenging prospect, however UCOPIA WI-UP makes this easy.
Manage network
Manage network
Easily manage your Wi-Fi and access points
Connect & Engage
Connect & engage
Connect users, analyse data and engage with your audience
Monitise your Wi-Fi
Monetise your Wi-Fi
Engage users through content push and monetise your Wi-Fi
Legally Compliant Wi-Fi
Legally compliant
Ensure your guest Wi-Fi is legally compliant within laws.
Why choose WI-UP?

WI-UP is compatible with all mobile devices, tablets, laptop or desktop computers and all networks. WI-UP guarantees legal compliance regardless of the technology used. The captive portal with form- or social network-based sign-up makes management easy with no intervention needed to set up a new account.

UCOPIA WI-UP is an ideal guest Wi-Fi solution for industries such as:

Shops, hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, bars, restaurants, schools, libraries, hair salons, doctor surgeries, car dealerships, and many more

UCOPIA works with all leading Wi-Fi manufacturers including