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Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Lite Indoor Access Point (UAP-AC-Lite) Review

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Review by Michael Winter Date Added: Friday 13 May, 2016
The difference between consumer grade Wifi - apple airport extreme / Asus / Belkin / Netgear etc... and UniFi is quite dramatic.

Consumer Wifi is OK. The speeds they advertise almost never occur. They look nice but their coverage isn't great. Its all kinda decent. Even the airport extreme and the Asus RT routers at nearly 200 each they are OK. They are great consumer products miles better than the majority of the other rubbish out there.

I wanted Wifi in my shed and in my Garden. I tried high gain aerials which made the coverage better but then I had conflicting signals. I tried tweaking custom firmware like Tomato or DDWRT and using the more advanced feature to segregate etc... I constantly had battles while outside connecting to the inside and inside connecting to the outside.

So after what seems like a decade buts it probably a couple of years I had the opportunity to purchase 2 Unifi devices for a project but obviously give them a test at home. Since neither my home use or my project required the pro I just went with the lite.

1 of these devices has more coverage than a an airport extreme and an asus rt-ac66u combined. In fact it manages to cover my whole property. For the first time ever I also achieved 72 MB/s over wifi. The software is easy to setup, easy enough for consumer use IMO, but with enough advanced features to satisfy even my inner geek.

The best feature by far is the zero handoff it just works so well. For my household we needed a decent enough signal in all the garden so we can video call parents / in-laws as our kids run around. It is 100% stable now with a single Wifi network previously i could only achieve this by manually switching networks.

I'm sure there is some fault somewhere but so far they haven't faltered. If you are annoyed or disappointed by your home Wifi or are even contemplating a change then you will not be disappointed.

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Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Lite Indoor Access Point (UAP-AC-Lite)
  Ubiquiti UniFi AC AP Datasheet (PDF)
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