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Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC Access Point Review

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Review by Shane Ellis Date Added: Thursday 03 July, 2014
Owning a IT Services company i am familiar with these devices. The device its self seems very robust and im guessing that it works.

No software comes with the device - you are instructed to download it from the internet, but the download links were not working. I later found out from posting on the UniFi Forums that the download site was down. After an hour i managed to get an older version of the software and install it.

When the device arrived it lasted for about 30 minutes before it began to flap on and off the network. Then it went dead due to a power supply failure. I am disappointed with the PoE adapter but more than that im irritated that UniFi have developed a product that will only work with the UniFi PoE hardware. This device is not compatible with Cisco switch PoE ports, something that they dont make clear.

I am waiting for an RMA to return the PoE adapter - lets hope that this one lasts longer than 30 minutes.

3/5 due to PoE adapter fault and ridiculous effort to download the software to make it work. We are unable to comment on the device yet.

Shane Ellis

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